Regional Stage LATAM


The best startups from LATAM

Seedstars World qualified the best startups for the local playoff. Great events and the the top startups pitched disruptive tech, inspirational discussions and networking sessions.


A platform that helps thought leaders to digitize their business, retain and engage their customers through their own membership business.


Makes custom upper extremity prosthetics accessible through the use of custom high-tech tools, design, printing, and virtual care.


EduSynch is an online assessment platform for institutions to deliver tests remotely, securely and at scale.


Cuantix is a web platform that makes the impact measurement process more efficient through technology.


TiendAPP is a communication startup that allows store owners to increase sales, make purchases and control their business.


EDNA is a natural language platform that adds artificially intelligent conversational interfaces to apps, devices and bots.

Own The Trip

A platform where travelers create a trip idea without inventory and through AI


A SaaS platform that uses digitalization, IoT and RPA (robot process automation) technology to solve industrial common issues.


Through a digital healthcare platform, Bitmec brings quality medical care to underserved rural communities in developing economies.


Connects the physical with the digital world through an AI-based Wifi captive portal solution, giving businesses a loyalty and CI tool.


SIA is an enterprise grade time & attendance solution for LATAM. Their touchless technology eliminates the need for fingerprint based systems.


Is a platform when people can create AR content without programming knowledge, for APPs and Web Mobile.


Alfi is a marketplace for financial products based on financial education. They educate and include people through a single digital channel.


Boki is an educational tool with challenging activities and really fun exercises that helps students learn while enjoying it.


Makes healthcare information accessible, clear and useful for patients, physicians and service providers in the developing world.

The winner prizes

Access to perks  & visibility
Access to perks & visibility

Top 3 startups selected in each eco system will receive access to our partner network (savings up to 49k in IT tools), and the winner of earch city a Seedstars visibility package.

Educational programs
Educational programs

Online Seedstars Academy + Investment Readiness training & 10 selected startups will receive up to 50k USD in investment cash as part of the Seedstars Growth Program.

Chance to win USD 500k
Chance to win USD 500k

The winner of the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 Grand Finale will be awarded with up to USD 500k in equity investment!

Seedstars LATAM

Local winners will compete for the opportunity to advance to the Grand Finale.