Regional Stage CEE


The best startups from CEE

Seedstars World qualified the best startups for the local playoff. Great events and the the top startups pitched disruptive tech, inspirational discussions and networking sessions.


Highlights solutions to the main problems that face children with ASD and also guides their parents and therapists.

ABC Planet

ABC Planet is revolutionizing preschool education with the magic of cartoons and mobile gaming


PharmBonus App connects all types of medical professionals in an educational, informational and communicative platform internationally.

HR Kit

HR KIT is a tool for remote employee that includes all jobs wherin the employee does not prioritize computer use.


BrikkApp is a property investment marketplace that allows individual investors to find the best real estate investment from 100 EUR.


Task management for large horizontal teams.


Payment gateway platform allowing online marketplaces to automatically split any number of transactions between any number of actors.

Okoo (Millenium Education)

Okoo is an educational platform for kids powered with advanced AI and analytics system that helps to learn how to code.


Flipful helps companies to motivate employees by enabling them to advance their earned salaries whenever it is needed.


Tomyo is an edtech platform enabling customers to have affordable access to learn or teach from anywhere.

Scan and Buy

Provides mobile, cashless self-checkout for retailers


SanoPass is the platform that connects, digitizes and customizes the health benefits offered by companies to their employees.


Alter is a science-based service helping people to find a right and professional psychotherapist with proper method and specialization

MapMy Apple

Predicts pests and diseases in apple orchards to save money by optimizing the number of spraying activities.


Elomia is an AI that replaces a psychologist. It listens, understands, and provides psychological support 24/7 while being 40 times cheaper.


IMAN is a marketplace that brings together merchants, shoppers, and investors at the point of sale using the principles of Islamic finance.

The winner prizes

Access to perks  & visibility
Access to perks & visibility

Top 3 startups selected in each eco system will receive access to our partner network (savings up to 49k in IT tools), and the winner of earch city a Seedstars visibility package.

Educational programs
Educational programs

Online Seedstars Academy + Investment Readiness training & 10 selected startups will receive up to 50k USD in investment cash as part of the Seedstars Growth Program.

Chance to win USD 500k
Chance to win USD 500k

The winner of the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 Grand Finale will be awarded with up to USD 500k in equity investment!

Seedstars CEE

Local winners will compete for the opportunity to advance to the Grand Finale.