Regional Stage ASIA


The best startups from Asia

Seedstars World qualified the best startups for the local playoff. Great events and the the top startups pitched disruptive tech, inspirational discussions and networking sessions.

shurjoMukhi Limited

shurjoPay, the online payment gateway owned and operated by shurjoMukhi, is one of only two PSO licensed by Bangladesh Bank since Jan 2016.

One Click Shop Bhutan

An e-commerce public-private partnership company based in Bhutan who deals with import of FMCG products and online sales


The largest SMS gateway in Cambodia that is keen to develop technology and resources to expand service to a global scale.

Nadrua Apps

NaDrua Apps is a software innovation and development company recently founded in Fiji.


BookingSamoa provides Samoan Tourism SMEs with a more suitable and better value technology solution along with higher levels of local service and support.


BOXS is a technology company providing modular software and platform services


Improves school admissions by utilizing marketing, recruitment, assessment & engagement.


IGH is positioned to revolutionize the healthcare delivery system in the Gambia with a technology-based clinical infusion of services.


Finology enables seamless access to financial products via the use of our technology & ready digital distribution channels

Message Owl

Message Owl is a B2B & B2C SMS platform which allows businesses to send SMS Messages (Promotional and Transaction)

Kiu Myanmar

Kiu Myanmar empowers MSME/SMEs to improve their business efficiencies, allowing them to be able to receive loans and grow their business.

Diyalo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Transforming WASH sector by building IOT enabled solutions to ensure quality water, sustainable water production & transparency

ELN Limited

ELN provides 100% online, globally accredited vocational training to over 25 countries in education, quality assurance & health and safety.


ODESH is Port Moresby city's ridesharing system that provides a cheap, safe and convenient taxi and chauffeur services.

Agri-Tech Organics

Agri-Tech Organics is an online ecosystem designed support local farmers allowing them to promote and sell their produce online.


MedHyve aims to make medical procurement easier for medical institutions through a marketspace fitted with procurement tools and dashboards


Offers integrated IoT and AI enabled white label platform for telemedicine to healthcare providers.


Healthnet would be known as the only pharmacy that helps reduce medication or get rid of chronic illnesses all-together


Foodie is a multi-channel engagement & e-commerce platform for the F&B Industry, built-in with integrated payments & logistics

Bot Ban Hang

Bot Ban Hang is a leading messaging-commerce platform & omin-channel commerce for online businesses.

The winner prizes

Access to perks  & visibility
Access to perks & visibility

Top 3 startups selected in each eco system will receive access to our partner network (savings up to 49k in IT tools), and the winner of earch city a Seedstars visibility package.

Educational programs
Educational programs

Online Seedstars Academy + Investment Readiness training & 10 selected startups will receive up to 50k USD in investment cash as part of the Seedstars Growth Program.

Chance to win USD 500k
Chance to win USD 500k

The winner of the Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 Grand Finale will be awarded with up to USD 500k in equity investment!

Seedstars ASIA

Local winners will compete for the opportunity to advance to the Grand Finale.