06 Sep 2018

Event description

We live in an age of urbanization. Already, half the global population resides in cities and the latest UN forecast predicts that this figure is set to increase to 70 percent by 2050, meaning 5 billion people will have migrated to urban areas in merely a century.

For decades, a range of different stakeholders including policy makers, academics, economists, sociologists, architects and urban planners have pondered the connection between the physical appearance of neighbourhoods and the mobility, education, criminal behaviour and health of its residents. Adding to its implications for individuals, urban organisation also has macro-level effects on CO2 emissions and water cleanness of a city, directly impacting our environment.

Although, the relationship between urban appearance, urban organisation, and the socioeconomic outcomes of its citizens has proved challenging to study due to a lack of data, the emergence of new collection and analytical tools in the past years promises a broader and finer picture of urban life. Indeed, advances in the digitalisation of records, sensor technologies and machine learning algorithms enable a better understanding of the factors influencing urban dynamics.

The Ananda x Seedstars: Urban Living event will gather entrepreneurs, investors, urban planners, city enthusiasts, and the most influential thought leaders from Thailand and the region to encourage discussions around the best uses of this new wealth of city data and the latest technological innovations in order to take decisions that impact urban living socioeconomic outcomes and improve the quality of life of all citizens.

Kristian Kloeckl: "Design for the Hybrid City: Inter/face, Inter/act, Improv/act"

The pervasiveness of embedded and mobile connected devices in today’s cities has transformed the built environment from a predominantly stable and enduring background for human activity into spaces and artifacts that are digital-physical hybrids with a more fluid behavior. These objects and environments are capable of sensing, computing, and acting in real time; they can change their behavior in response to their own system state, histories of past actions and interactions, the behavior of humans and machines within their reach, and a range of environmental conditions. Augmented environments of this type have the potential to go beyond scripted and planned behavior, beyond simple action–reaction couplings and instead become truly interactive, displaying dynamic and responsive behavior as they engage with their context and urban dwellers.

This talk presents examples of work that creatively leverage technology mediated interactions in the context of today’s hybrid cities. It critically discusses opportunities, challenges and limitations when developing urban applications based on networked digital technologies and their resulting data. And finally, it draws a parallel between these dynamic, ad-hoc, and responsive interactions and notions of improvised action, exploring a design framework for the hybrid city based on notions of openness, timing, forms of action, and otherness.

Manuel Der Hagopian: “Natural Design for high-density environments”

With “Waterways Terraces” Public Housing as a case study we will establish how the combination of Nature, Architecture and Technology becomes a sensuous package.
The project of “Waterways Terraces” develops strategies for the integration of green spaces into the design of buildings in high-density environments. The results of which can be clearly demonstrated through various studies.

Join us for an inspiring evening of discussions followed by networking and refreshments by requesting an invitation to attend below!


5:30 - 6:00pm

Networking and Registration

6:00 - 6:05pm

Welcome Speech


Dr. John Millar (Ananda Development Plc. - Chief Strategic Development Officer)

6:05 - 6:25pm

Kristian Kloeckl: "Design for the Hybrid City: Inter/face, Inter/act, Improv/act"

6:25 - 6:40pm

Q&A Session

6:40 - 7:00pm

Manuel Der Hagopian: "Natural Design for high-density environments"

7:00 - 7:15pm

Q&A Session

7:15 - 7:35pm

Sudeept Maiti: "5 levels of integrated transport"

7:35 - 7:50pm

Q&A Session

7:50 - Onwards

Networking and Refreshments


Ananda Urban Tech
Ananda Development Plc.


Sudeept Maiti

Sudeept Maiti

Senior Project Associate - Urban Development & Accessibility
World Resources Institute, Sustainable cities
Kristian Kloeckl

Kristian Kloeckl

Designer and Associate Professor
Northeastern University, Information in Action
Manuel Der Hagopian

Manuel Der Hagopian

Partner & Co-Founder
G8A Architecture & Urban Planning


The event will take place at Ananda Development, FYI Center, 11th Floor.

2525 Rama 4 Road, Klong Toei, Klong Toei District, Bangkok 10110