Inspiring speakers

Online Seedstars Summit 2020 will gather some of the most accomplished leaders from all over the world. Meet this year's lineup:

Alex Macura

@ -

Kenza Lahlou

Managing partner @ Outlierz Ventures

Jens Odgaard Olsson

Managing Director @ Lifeshelter

Rene Espinoza Jimenez

Founder & CEO @ Lazarillo TEC SpA

Federico Hernandez

CFO @ Blended

Anastasia Hofmann

Co-Founder @ KITRO

Hilda Moraa

@ Pezesha

Christina Ganim

Co-Founder @ Kenz

Hugo Jacome

Co-founder & President @ Talov

Lucrezia Bisignani

Founder and CEO @ Kukua

David Jeng

Founder and Managing Consultant @ Bliss Executives

Emir Nurov

@ Resync

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