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Change can be difficult, but we have learned from experience that impact from innovation can be multiplied if established companies work together with startups to fulfill their passions and achieve their goals.

Together we can change the landscape by fostering more of these relationships and promote the growth a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in emerging markets.

Why partner with us?

Networking & community

Create a bridge between your company and high-growth startups from emerging markets!

Join the growing network of industry leaders driving the global tech revolution in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and North Africa and Central and Eastern Europe and share knowledge with innovative players and experts from your industry.

Brand awareness & lead generation

Position your company as a pioneer in your sector by supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Take this opportunity to pitch your company and to find new clients, partners, followers, recruit top talents, and expand your professional network.

Participate for positive impact

Involve your company or foundation in concrete global change and impact people’s lives in emerging markets!

From awarding a prize to the most promising startup in your industry to organizing a workshop to create awareness and reflexion on a burning topic, you can contribute in any way that you want!

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