About the Seedstars group

Seedstars is a for-profit Swiss based group founded in Sep 2012 which has the objective to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. In 2016 we’ll impact entrepreneurs in over 65 countries through various programs such as the global startup competition, co-working community, academy and acceleration program.

Seedstars has several initiatives to develop a pipeline of investible, high growth startups:

  • Seedstars World runs a global seed-stage startup competition in over 65 countries to source top talent and provide them with value added service such as mentoring, networking and access to funding.
  • Seedstars Summit, the global emerging market entrepreneurship forum reuniting thought leaders and tech innovators in Lausanne each April.
  • The Seedstars Academy program takes in aspiring entrepreneurs at an idea stage and through a 6 month program aims to have the teams have a revenue generating MVP before graduation.
  • The Seedstars Growth program and fund works with the top startups sourced through the global competition, Seedstars World, and focuses on growth/traction and preparing companies for Series A funding.
  • Seedspace is network of co-working, co-living and startup community spaces currently in 17 countries.

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