Top 10 Countries in the World to Launch a Startup



We all know about Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin as being the global hotspots to launch a startup. But there are so many other fertile places that are beginning to boom. Here is a StoryMap that bases itself on factors like access to corporation tax rates, registration fees and access to broadband, in order to showcase the best countries in the world to start-up. And even though London has its place in the ranking, all other cities are located in emerging markets. So click on the map below and find out where these new hotspots are! 



Interactive map created by Richard Madison, marketing executive of the Brighton School of Business and Management





About the author

Richard Madison

Richard Madison is the Marketing Executive for the Brighton School of Business and Management which is based in the UK and offers business and entrepreneurial courses to a range of students. He regularly writes about topics that focus on business, management, leadership and entrepreneurship.