Singapore's Top Startup Accelerators

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JFDI, Asia (@jfdiasia)

If you are a startup entrepreneur and you are looking for attitude, excitement, difference and reliability in your startup accelerator program, then JFDI (The Joyful Frog Digital Incubator) might just have the best program for you. This Singapore-based incubator company is recognized as the most successful in Southeast Asia. It is also the oldest among the pack, which should highlight why the company has the most comprehensive, systematic and consistent programs for a wide range of startup companies. It holds bootcamps, "one day startup clinics", short courses, 100 day Accelerator Program and a host of other startup activities that will surely suit many startups needs.

e27 (@e27co)

If one mentions e27 for people familiar with the company, there are two things that are recalled at once: Echelon and Asian startups. The mind share can be attributed to the team's hard work since they found the company in 2006. e27 has steadily built its reputation as a media company. It encompasses different platforms, activities, products and services. It is a news provider, it organizes events, and holds meetups and conferences. All these, however, are focused on one overarching theme: Asian startup ecosystem. Of particular import to startups, besides the resources and content that e27 provides is Echelon Ignite. It is specifically aimed at accelerating younger startup entrepreneurs. The organization - through its years of experience and the span of its connection - is in a very good position to help startups develop their ideas into successful ventures. Startup Club Singapore (@startup_club)

Startup Club is a global startup accelerator embedded in major tech hubs across globe. In Singapore, the team is one of the movers in the startup scene. One particular strength of Startup Club Singapore is its global network. The local Startup Club can tap on the extensive resources offered by CEOs of successful startup companies across the globe. This and the localization of accelerator programs (which contextualizes its mentorship approach to the case of Singaporean entrepreneurs), underscore the efficacy of its style. The accelerator framework should jibe with many startups that are planning to penetrate the international scene.

 iAxil (@iaxil)

The main selling point for iAxil as a startup accelerator is the offer to provide "all the resources" needed to turn startup ideas to reality. This is achieved by the company, first, through its strong network of global partners and investors. Secondly, it also offers experts and mentors from around the world. Not that much different, yes? But, hold your horses. The company do actually provides for everything, including office space. Its facilities in the Singapore Science Park called The Aquarius provides a range of quick startup units, which are furnished plug and play offices. The "total solutions" also include assistance to startups in launching, developing and growing their ventures.


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