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Another year has passed and as we enter 2017, the entire team is still trying to make sense of the amazing year we just said goodbye to.

On December 13th we wrapped up our regional summit, flying in the best entrepreneurs, SSW ambassadors, mentors and speakers from over 30 something countries to Rwanda where we showcased our startups to the incredible network we have.

Seeing the entrepreneurs pitch on stage in Rwanda reminded us of sitting in jury deliberation at the local events and trying to figure out which entrepreneur would be named best startup in their respective countries.

You see, picking a winner is not a zero-sum game and there are a lot of different elements that we have to take into consideration.

Which is why we wanted to dedicate a post to our first African runner-ups: a bunch of amazing talented entrepreneurs, that are making waves and truly kicking ass!

  • South Africa| SortdThe world’s first Communication-Centric Organizer that transforms Email & IM (Gmail, Slack …) into a set of organized To-Do lists.
     → Sortd made it to the top 5 startups at Demo Africa!

  • Mozambique | IzyShop: An online supermarket connecting producers to consumer markets changing how people buy groceries across Africa.
    → IzyShop was named best startup at Slush in the Global Impact category!

  • Angola | KiandaStream: A music streaming service with a focus on African artists and bands.

  • Nigeria | Tuteria: An online platform that connects people seeking to learn anything, with those who can teach them what they want to learn.

  • Ghana | LandmappOffers affordable land rights documentation for smallholder farmers and builds accurate data profiles to broker additional service.

  • Cote D’ivoire | Aphelion Energy: They modernise rural life in West Africa through last mile distribution, consumer finance, and great technologies, starting with solar energy.

  • Mali | TransUp: Allows anyone to transfer credit and mobile money across different operators.

  • Ethiopia | Abithrone: Applying concepts of big data for intelligent farming.

  • Tanzania | Colifly: They solve the access of medical drugs delivery to rural Tanzania by using drones to deliver medicine to local drug stores and hospitals.

  • Uganda | Dusupay: Streamlining how African Businesses get paid online from Africa and the rest of the world and how the rest of the world gets paid from Africa.

  • Kenya | Mobilized Construction: De-mechanizes road maintenance by mobilizing local labor to manually build climate resilient dirt roads.

  • Senegal | Sharek: An application that lets anyone transfer anything they want for free.

  • Zimbabwe | Road Rules: A highly interactive and intelligent mobile application revolutionising the way people acquire driver’s licenses in Africa.

  • Botswana | Coll24: Afast and collaborated health framework for quick response on emergencies and disease outbreak control

  • Rwanda | QuickRide: A smart transport start up that develops custom dispatch and fleet management solutions for large and small scale companies.

One thing is for sure: we have been extremely humbled by the talent that we have seen being showcased across the continent.

Cheers to 2017 and everyone shaping the future of Africa! 



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